dungeon rock demo


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50 cassettes.
recorded and mixed by Maciek Nowacki.


released October 29, 2016




TORPUR Kraków, Poland

goblin punk duo

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Track Name: grotestosterone
swollen skin
pink and pale
throbbing meat
mucus soup
pride and stupor
blank stare

always in the front
legs spread wide
watch them and be watched
avantgarde of the species
march of pigs

embarrassed by my sex
I choose not to relate
blunt force rules the world
I can’t face this mindless void
Track Name: dungeon rock
rumble in the deep
rattling chains, grunts and shrieks
blood and mucus joyfully squirting
dungeon skate gang
maces fly around
spikes from every side
grinding bones and skulls

dungeon beasts watching you bleed
rattling chains, grunts and shrieks
maces fly around
spikes from every side
dungeon skate gang
grinding bones and skulls

dungeon beasts watching you bleed
skate and die
your spine will make a great rail
so rot fast
your teeth will be a fancy new jewellery
so skate and fucking die
Track Name: punk court house
passing judgement in punk court house
while wearing sweatshop ad on your back
we’re at peace with our conscience
this fight was easily lost
Track Name: (modern life) tension
break decks in halves
edges are razor sharp
trucks will pop your eyes out

believe me it hurts
kingpins against your bones
skateboard militia
thrashing your home

soon our expansion will come to your mansion
this modern life tension needs intervention
Track Name: cursed tracksuit
compensation of the nation
fabrication of myths
factory of hoax
prolongation of your pity
their heritance is your ammo
you sucked failure with your mother’s milk

you wish for comeback of what never was
failed reality check
spit out nonsense, wave your bullshit flag with limp arms
keep on looking for more excuse in the tombs
blurred eyes focused on glorious examples to be carved in stone
Track Name: goblin
lonesome goblin
lurking down the street
vile creature
hunting for your meat

vicious laughter
putrid stench
always hungry
always wretched

hungry goblin
crazy goblin
fucked up goblin
hunting for your meat
Track Name: self-mutilated
wide view, look around
chances are you’ll see nothing
if they were that excited
about something that really matters

if they knew that they don’t have to sell so cheap
self-mutilated but secure

mundane passion while the universe boils
each days the crowds gather at their own funerals
Track Name: diversion
socially useless
drawing the line
let’s celebrate the side products
of contemporary neurosis

your free time is a mean of resistance
it’s basically a battlefield where the struggle begins
silent manifesto
through stained pages, bruised limbs and good night’s sleep
skiba-dee, skiba-danger, I am the re-arranger